Customized Formulas

Essential Oils

WHAT ARE THEY? Essential Oils are steam distilled (with a few exceptions) from plants grown worldwide - nature's beneficial botanicals. Using these gifts from nature as part of an overall health promoting lifestyle can reap many benefits. From newborns to the eldest, there are oils to work with a myriad of issues. Safe application and use is paramount to avoid any undesirable results. Used for thousands of years, these potent oils have brought relief to people in Biblical times, the plague years of the Middle Ages, in WWII when antibiotics were not available, and today when many are seeking a safe solution with little possibility of side effects. 

Based on the latest research and development, these exceptional highest quality oils can be used in everyday life.

CUSTOM BLENDS: Whether sinus congestion, allergies, broken bones, sore muscles or joints, or other problems are interfering with daily functioning, a custom blend of oils based on the chemistry of their constituents can be made specifically to help your immune & cellular function perform optimally. Cost varies based on prices of the oils used.

FOR SALE: Bottled oils from various ethical companies and accessories such as room & car diffusers, beautiful diffuser jewelry, cases, etc. are available for purchase.

You may see me at a health or craft fair in Northern Illinois where you can  experience the products in person and get your questions answered on the spot! 

PRIVATE CONSULTATION: Available by appointment, the first meeting is to gather information and medical history, along with identifying health goals. Research is then conducted to collate the best recommendations to meet the goals and address any specific issues. A second appointment is set to review the suggestions and formulate a timeline to accomplish the goals. Only $50 covers all aspects.

Upcoming 2018 Events: 

January-April I will be teaching classes in AZ. Info is on RISElearning.org and through PORA at Sun City West.

Look for future classes to be held at Escape Tranquility Spa on Lincoln Hwy in DeKalb, IL.

If you would like a private demo/info session at your home with a minimum of 6 people, call me at 815-751-2969 to arrange.






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